Attorneys Line-Up for Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuits

Drug giant Takeda Pharmaceuticals is the target of several lawsuits filed by loved ones of people who have died of bladder cancer.  The injured parties had been taking Actos, a type-2 diabetes drug.

Actos comes loaded with a boatload of side-effects including: mental distress, displeasure, body impairments and a one-way ticket to a hole six-feet in the underground.

Turns out that Takeda had been holding out on some information.  Actos was linked to bladder cancer in humans, a knowledge kept secret by Takeda for over ten years.  The drug went through its fair share of controversy overseas…the sales of Actos was suspended in both France and Germany when a link verified its cancerous side-effects.  Now the same evidence is hitting the states; a study has proven that patients taking the drug for over a year had a 40% higher risk of developing bladder issues!

Victims are hiring personal injury lawyers left and right.  In California alone, the Actos bladder cancer lawsuits are numbering up to over a 100, with cases in Philadelphia and Arizona now in the 50s.

Want to read more?  Go to Yahoo News.

Should Actos be discontinued?  Is there an alternative diabetes drug you can recommend?  Inform us below.

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