New Website Helps Personal Injury Lawyers Obtain Doctors for their Clients

You know how difficult it is for personal injury lawyers to find the proper doctor for one of their clients.  They have to figure in what kind of specialist is required, distance, cost and occasionally availability.  Sometimes a doctor may not even take on a patient until after a case is settled and fees are collected.  But what if a patient needs urgent care?

A new website, Power Liens, is aiding all sorts of law practitioners.  From attorneys handling brain injury cases to car accidents to even dog bites.  Sa you live Orange County, CA and suffered some sort of injury. You want to ask your lawyer to find you a doctor whose office is conveniently located in your region?  Well, Power Liens is there to help them.

To learn more visit the SF Gate.

Are you a personal injury lawyer whose had difficulty appointing a doctor to a case?  Or do you already use Power Liens?  Let us know below.


Kenneth G. Marks is a Personal Injury Lawyer serving Orange County California for over 30 years.