Personal Injury Claims Reveal the Road’s Most Unsafe Vehicles

Car accident attorneys are used to these claims: unsafe vehicle is involved in a mishap, personal injuries abound.  Let’s face it: cars aren’t what they used to be.  Back in the tickity-100s cars were made out of sheet metal, now they may as well be made out of plastic.  But which are the safest to drive?

Based on personal injury claims per 1000 vehicles insured, the Highway Loss Data Institute has been able to surmise which car models in years 2009-11 were the most protected.  The Porsche 911 and Corvette had some of the lowest claims while the high claims list included the Toyota Yaris, Suzuki SX4 and even the Mitsubishi Galant.  Of course, the Chevy Silverado and the Jeep Grand Cherokee were also at the top of the list.

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