Personal Injury Lawyers Wanted After Train Crash

169 passengers on an Amtrak train collided with a big rig truck in California’s Central Valley Monday morning.  Over 20 injuries have been reported.  The injuries range from possible broken bones to cuts and bruises while the rig truck’s driver was hardly wounded.

But who’s to blame?  Time to lawyer up but it’s problematic…

California Highway Patrol spokesman Jerry Pierce states, “This is a big, huge chaotic scene with lots of agencies involved.”

Investigators have been trying to figure out what caused the crash: driver error, a malfunctioning crossing arm, or something else entirely.  Add in to the equation that about 10 miles away there was a second accident involving a freight train and tractor-trailer.

Read more about the incident on KTVU News.

Odd coincidence or something else at play?  Comment below.



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