Speed Bike Riders Hit and Run in NYC

Oh, those reckless bikers.  Speeding bikers in New York City have been getting pulled over.  Cops state that they should stick to the city’s speeding limit (25mph) and be aware of their surroundings.

Joggers and pedestrians are relieved.  The crack down is also a result of Richard Bernstein’s 3-week hospital stay at Mount Sinai Hospital.  Bernstein, a blind man and Central Park inhabitant who was struck by a speeding cyclist now suffers from a pulverized hip.  “It’s still the Wild West out there.”

Park users are exhausted from having to dodge speeding riders that are zooming down the sidewalk at nearly 30 mph.

Read more on everyone’s cause and concern at NY Daily News.

Have you suffered a personal injury from a biking accident? Did you have to seek an attorney for help?  Do you think the NYPD should enforce stricter laws about bike speeding?  Please let us know.

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