NFL Turns Their Backs on Injured Players

Ah, talk about a conflict of interests.  The National Football League (NFL) is suing the shoulder pads off of nearly three dozen insurance companies that won’t defend the organization against a slew of lawsuits filed by former players.  These players suffered personal injuries and brain distress and the NFL are turning their backs on them.

Brain distress?  These players weren’t too bright to begin with and now they gotta deal with this?

The NFL says that the insurers are bound by duty to defend their corporation as lawsuits were filed this past Wednesday in Los Angeles.  Lawyers are lining down the block.

Yowza.  What a sordid affair.  Read more on the Examiner.

What do you think?  Should the NFL compensate these players?  Should the insurance companies back the NFL since they are contractually obliged to the corporation?  Don’t these players make enough money?  Maybe the NFL should change their name to the National Football Liability Inc.  Debate below.

Kenneth G. Marks is a Personal Injury Lawyer serving Orange County California for over 30 years.