Lawyer’s Drunken Bender Leads to Near Fender Bender

Hey, we know it’s a tough day at the office and all but don’t over indulge, will ya?  Laura Broderick Walther, a personal injury attorney, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving – her blood level was more than .15 percent – and get this, beating an officer.  I guess if you’re gonna go all out, you go out in fashion.  The best part of it all is that this way on a Monday.  You read that right.  A Monday.  I guess Lover boy (remember those guys?) were right and everybody is indeed “working for the weekend”.

Walther states that she didn’t start hitting the hooch until she got home at night and that the officer, who had caught wind of the dispatch call describing Walther’s vehicle, didn’t arrive on her doorstep ‘til 45 minutes after she got home.  Apparently Walther has never heard of “blacking out”.

You gotta read more about this.  Visit Contra Costa Times for the full shebang.

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Now, there’s some controversy re: Walther.  Do you think her suspension of bar membership should be revoked?  Let us know.

Kenneth G. Marks is an accident attorney serving out of Orange County, California for a number of years.  He too is working for the weekend, but responsibly. Kenneth Marks, Professional Law Firm