Student Athlete Bill Can Cover Brain Injury Trauma

Student athletes are aiming for the stars but sometimes are placing their lives in peril.  One tiny accident during a sport can lead to career-ending injuries and next thing you know they lose their athletic scholarships. State lawmakers in California are trying to pass a bill that would protect student athletes from losing their scholarship plus cover insurance deductibles, pay health care premiums, as well as offer an escort service that will provide them with a backup suitor in case they don’t want to stand up their homecoming date.  But we made up the last part.

Stanford is the only school objecting.

Sen. Doug La Malfa adds, “The reason probably many of us didn’t support it was because of the open-ended costs to the universities and to the scholarships there. I think there’s other forms of health care that should be studied or pursued.”

Read more about the bill at Mercury News.

Do you agree with Malfa?  Could this bring in a personal injury lawyer more or less business?  Chime in your two cents.

Kenneth G. Marks is an accident attorney serving out of Orange County, California for a number of years.