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Archive for October 2012

Personal Injury Claims Reveal the Road’s Most Unsafe Vehicles

Car accident attorneys are used to these claims: unsafe vehicle is involved in a mishap, personal injuries abound.  Let’s face it: cars aren’t what they used to be.  Back in the tickity-100s cars were made out of sheet metal, now they may as well be made out of plastic.  But which are the safest to…

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Personal Injury Lawyers Wanted After Train Crash

169 passengers on an Amtrak train collided with a big rig truck in California’s Central Valley Monday morning.  Over 20 injuries have been reported.  The injuries range from possible broken bones to cuts and bruises while the rig truck’s driver was hardly wounded. But who’s to blame?  Time to lawyer up but it’s problematic… California…

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Speed Bike Riders Hit and Run in NYC

Oh, those reckless bikers.  Speeding bikers in New York City have been getting pulled over.  Cops state that they should stick to the city’s speeding limit (25mph) and be aware of their surroundings. Joggers and pedestrians are relieved.  The crack down is also a result of Richard Bernstein’s 3-week hospital stay at Mount Sinai Hospital. …

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NFL Turns Their Backs on Injured Players

Ah, talk about a conflict of interests.  The National Football League (NFL) is suing the shoulder pads off of nearly three dozen insurance companies that won’t defend the organization against a slew of lawsuits filed by former players.  These players suffered personal injuries and brain distress and the NFL are turning their backs on them.…

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Lawyer’s Drunken Bender Leads to Near Fender Bender

Hey, we know it’s a tough day at the office and all but don’t over indulge, will ya?  Laura Broderick Walther, a personal injury attorney, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving – her blood level was more than .15 percent – and get this, beating an officer.  I guess if you’re gonna go all…

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Fees on Fees: Lawyers Financially Abuse Vulnerable Adults

Kiss those life savings goodbye.  It’s bad enough you’re an elderly adult, you’ve gone through your 5th box of Depends this week, you’re out of action, and you have an attorney whose already overcharging you for court-appointed help dipping into your piggy bank.  And unlike other states, California is doing zilch about it. Washington State…

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Student Athlete Bill Can Cover Brain Injury Trauma

Student athletes are aiming for the stars but sometimes are placing their lives in peril.  One tiny accident during a sport can lead to career-ending injuries and next thing you know they lose their athletic scholarships. State lawmakers in California are trying to pass a bill that would protect student athletes from losing their scholarship…

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Injury Lawyers on Demand After Chevron Explosion

A massive fire erupted at a Chevron in Richmond that affected over 3,000 nearby residents.  The fire caused a rudimentary unit at the Chevron to spew toxic gas into the air.  Neighbors were warned to stay indoors.  Now everyone’s seeking a personal injury lawyer and the fire is being investigated by the EPA and the…

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