Fees on Fees: Lawyers Financially Abuse Vulnerable Adults

Kiss those life savings goodbye.  It’s bad enough you’re an elderly adult, you’ve gone through your 5th box of Depends this week, you’re out of action, and you have an attorney whose already overcharging you for court-appointed help dipping into your piggy bank.  And unlike other states, California is doing zilch about it.

Washington State opposes California’s lack of concern.  The Supreme Court affirms that attorneys requiring extra fees for their assistance served, “only their interests and in no way worked to benefit the estate.”  Awarding these fees “violates public policy by penalizing victimized parties from legitimately challenging attorney fee requests.”

This is a very heated debate.  Check out this Mercury News article.

What’s your opinion on this?  Are you a personal injury lawyer and feel that you should be entitled to a little bit of gramp’s retirement fund?  Comment below.

Kenneth G. Marks is a Personal Injury Lawyer serving Orange County California for over 30 years. www.KmarksLaw.com