Hitchhiking 2.0: Use Your Mobile Phone to Snatch a Lift

It’s a revolt of the masses.  Cabbies are a pain to tag down so now San Franciscans are obsessed with a new mobile app that lets passengers hitch a ride.  And all of this is part of a new “sharing economy” that allows companies to make money by sharing their possessions.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is suffering from a “commie scare”.  They want to take action since taxis are required to have an average $1 million in insurance coverage.  Lyft, the company offering the hitching service, as well Sidecar, report that they have given more than 10,000 rides since the app debuted this past summer and that all their drivers must have personal car insurance.  That may not be enough San Francisco states.

To read more about the phenomenon check out the details on California Watch.

Are you a Lyft or Sidecar customer?  How has this improved your life?  Do you think that the city will also partake of the mobile app age and offer their services as part of your phone plan?  Should they?  Debate below.

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