The Hippest Wrestling in Town!

Move over, Stone Cold Steve Austin, there’s some new competition in town…

That’s right, America’s lawyers are getting restless and have started what they’re calling “Fight Club for a new generation”: hippo wrestling!

Conference rooms are being reserved, building chapters are cordoned off, backs are getting thrown out.  Call it boredom, call it drug-addled insanity, but the act of wrestling a Saran-wrapped hippo for recreation is a growing phenomenon amongst stressed out lawyers seeking a break from their daily activities…

And even though participants abide by one rule (“Don’t kill the hippo!”), animal rights groups are demanding to know where the animals originate from and how they’re being transported to these law offices.  Such groups face a problem, though.  This society of hippo wrestling lawyers are an anonymous bunch and the Coalition of African Nations, for one, can’t seem to find a single individual to interrogate regarding the trend.

One legal aid claims, “Hippos aren’t the easiest animals to come by and if we kill, like, seven hippos a night, we’re screwed for next week. We had to figure that one out the hard way.”

Could tragedy strike?

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What do you think?  Myth?  Trend?  Trying to post bail and maybe you can’t get a hold of your legal adviser?  Maybe they’re out wrestling a wild animal.  Share your concerns below.