Helping Accident Victims Since 1981

With 40 years of experience as accident attorney in Orange County, the Law Offices of Kenneth G. Marks in Orange County, CA has been helping accident victims receive the compensation are entitled with experienced and aggressive representation since 1981 with personal service, straight talk and at omplimentary initial consultation.

The Kenneth Marks Law Firm handles all cases personally. You will not relegated to working with at associate or as less experienced attorney. During your complimentary initial consultation of advised of following:

  • The potential strengths and weaknesses of your auto Injury case.
  • The chances of settling the case without filing lawsuit.
  • The importance of following the advice your car accident attorney and your doctors.

Mr. Marks understands the pain and suffering and the inconvenience of life altering event you experienced. Call the office at 949-748-6470 now with NO obligation to professional advice you need from experienced personal injury attorney conveniently located in Orange County, California.

Do not make the mistake of relying your insurance company

Insurance companies are business of collecting premiums and increasing profit by either denying claims or minimizing the amount of money paid on claims. Have THEIR best interests in mind, not yours. For receive fair compensation, you must have personal legal representation.

With Law Offices in Orange County California, Kenneth G. Marks has been helping accident victims from Lake Forest to San Clemente and throughout Orange County since 1981. In time, he has recovered millions of dollars representing clients in:

  • Brain Injuries
  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Injuries
  • Construction Injuries
  • Dog Bites
  • Social Security & Disability Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death

How We Get from Start to Finish

If Mr. Marks advises that you should move forward with your case, he will take immediate steps to ensure that everyone your needs is met.

There will no attorney fees unless is recovery. Mr. Marks tries his best to only accept cases have strong chance of settling. It is disservice to potential client take case the client simply should not pursue.

Begin working on case immediately. Representation letters are sent out right away to insurance companies, witnesses and clients. A rapport is established with the insurance adjusters handling the claim.

Collect all police reports, accident reports, medical records and thoroughly investigate the case, including obtaining witness statements.

Complete your DMV SR1 form and insurance forms and submit claims. Follow up with your doctor regularly.

Submit a settlement demand letter as soon as pertinent information is gathered in order to attempt to settle your case without litigation.

Explain the pros and cons of settling vs. filing a lawsuit.

If Mr. Marks advises filing lawsuit, will fully explain the litigation process and work tirelessly for you and provide practical advice throughout the process.

Most important, Mr. Marks will communicate with you and answer your questions every step of way!